New Zealand born band Loudwater, consists of singer-songwriter Karyn Ayria & Stephen Shane, and fellow musicians they meet on their travels around the world. Known for her angelic vocals, Ayria delivers smooth and sultry melodies over Shane's heartfelt strings. Their upcoming debut album 'Leak', has it's core recorded at Lakehouse Studios, New Jersey.


"If you have not had the chance to see Loudwater yet, you must! Original music and voice of an angel. This duo will take you to a beautiful place" - Nancy Kravis Morreale, Photographer -

"They should be called The Antioxidants because they're good for your soul" - Paul Charles Naumann - Founder & CEO, Near and Dear Music, NYC -

"With Shane's ability to play the guitar with such emotion amidst Karyn's angelic harmony and tone blended together to shoot chills down my spine. From then on I have regarded the duo as the purest form of music I have ever seen, and I still believe that 100%" - Jar-No, Producer -

"Loudwater's ethereal melodies, delicate acoustics and captivating vocals incite all the feels. Their song 'Blue Eyes, Goodbye' in particular I found to be very healing in a difficult time in my life. Another New Zealand treasure to keep an eye on!" - Beth Williams, Artist.

"Fantastic voice and great tunes. I can see their songs on the radio some time soon. I hope she goes far with her music!" - Cornbe  

"Always my go-to song to make me feel better. I remember when she first sang in front of us, she was so nervous. Now look at her" - Shia Watson 

"Great drive time music, easy listening. Gets me right here in the heart. 5/5". - Gerry & Raewyn